About Coaching  
Yoshihiko Endo
Phone: 011-81-54-246-8735
Email: yendo@wellcoach.com

Yoshi Endo is a fitness professional who has understanding in technical aspect and motivational support for you to achieve a disired change.  

If you need stress reduction, relaxation in mind & body, and positive mindset toward your life, Yoshi is the right person for you. 

Also, I provide guided meditation & relaxation as well.

My mother tongue is Japanese, and English is my second language. If you would like to learn Japanese language, language lesson is also available.

The fundamental concept of well-being coaching will be applicable to various aspects of life as well. And my role in coaching is to boost people's forward looking attitude for making a difference in their lives

I would like to embark on this profound journey with you !

Sincerely    Yoshihiko Endo
brief message video from Yoshi  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqr_rpO0178

Yoshihiko Endo, MS, ACSM-CEP, CSPS, NBC-HWC

Yoshi Endo is a fitness professional living in Japan with 20 years of experience as an exercise instructor/strength & conditioning specialist.

educational background
master of exercise science with a concentration on sport psychology
Pennsylvania Western University
post graduate certificate of wellness coaching
Pennsylvania Western University
bachelor of laws,   Senshu University, Tokyo 

ocupational background
started bodybuilding workout when he was 18 years old.
started his carrer in the fitness industry as a part time student instructor at a workout gym in Tokyo in 1985.
started working as a full time employee at a fitness gym in his home town Shizuoka-city in 1990.
became an independent contractor in 1999, and served as a strength & conditioning coach for high school and versity athletes.
currently he has exercise classes at a fitness facility for the elderly, a social welfare facility for people with disability, and personal training sessions.

ACSM  Certified Exercise Physiologist
ACSM  Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist
ACSM/ACS  Cancer Exercise Trainer
NSCA  Certified Special Population Specialist
NSCA  Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Wellcoaches  Certified Health & Well-being Coach
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Certified Translator & Tour Guide (Eng-Jp)

competition history
Central Shizuoka Bodybuilding Championship 1992,   5th place
Shizuoka-Pref Bodybuilding Championship 2006,  master's category 6th place

I'm available for the following services through Skype or Zoom from anywhere in the world.

Stress reduction coaching & relaxation exercise.
Guided meditation.
Consultation for people with chronic health conditions, e.g., metabolic syndrome, obesity, low back pain, and positive mindset & exercise for cancer survivors.
Chatting partner for elderly people living alone.
Japanese language lesson, translation.
Also, I can work as a voice over talent for Japanese/English. 

Fees for single coaching session (around 45 minutes) : US $ 75

Fees for guided meditation (around 30 minutes) : US $ 50

I accept payment by Paypal, or international bank transfer.    

My personal experiences are ... I comleted a master's course and a post-graduate diploma course while working as a fitness instructor.  Although my native language is Japanese, I acquired English language skills to the level of a certified translator & tourguide through many years of practice.

In 2016, I earned the certification of Health & Wellness Coach as the first person in Japan. And in 2017, I earned the crendential of Certified Special Population Specialist as the first person in Asia. 

It's my pleasure if these experiences are helpful for you to make a desirable change in your everyday life.
I live in Shizuoka-city, Japan, which is 100 miles southwest of Tokyo.  I'm available online from anywhere on the planet !

street address
Yoshihiko Endo
Higashi 1-24-19,  Aoi-ward
Shizuoka-city,      postal code 420-0962