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Mary Beth Helgens
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What is Health and Well-being Coaching?

Health and Well-being coaches help individuals discover and achieve their goal of enjoying a happy, healthy and meaningful life. 

Together, we will unearth your heart's desire as you build a road map to reach your destination of abundant health. I will provide you with the necessary tools, encouragement and a safety net as you take steps to become the very best version of yourself. 

Mary Beth will encourage you to:

  • Accept where you are today, without judgment
  • Sit in the driver's seat, as you take responsibility for your own health and outcomes
  • Practice mindfulness as you reflect on your journey to greater health
  • Define a higher purpose for your well-being as you uncover your natural impulse to be well
  • Address all aspects of yourself: mind, body and soul
  • Set realistic goals
  • Celebrate small victories
  • Harness your natural strengths to overcome obstacles
  • View obstacles as opportunities for growth

As a well-being coach, I am a practitioner and life-long student of coaching psychology, a field focused on the scientific study of happiness and well-being. 

Mary Beth will provide:                                                             

  • The highest level of confidentiality
  • A non-judgmental/safe place for you to share your dreams and goals
  • Compassion and Encouragement
  • Reasons you want to practice self-acceptance and self-respect
  • Engagement to energize and challenge you to reach higher than you thought you were able to
  • Courageous questions as you discover your reasons for enjoying abundant health
  • An attitude of learning along with a dose of playfulness

The process of health and well-being coaching progresses through several stages:

  1. You provide background information through various assessments, so that I am well-informed about your key issues, including medical considerations, as appropriate.
  2. During the first 60 minute coaching session, you will identify priorities and design a personal wellness plan including a well-being vision, three month goals and first steps.
  3. In subsequent 30 minute coaching sessions, we will review progress made toward your vision and goals, explore and resolve pressing issues, learn something new, and then agree on goals for the following week.
  4. You will enjoy plenty of "ah-hah" insights along the way.

Mary Beth Helgens passion is partnering with others to design happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

Taking care of the miraculous body you have been blessed with is both a privilege and a responsibility. 

Developing daily rhythms and habits that help you function at your optimal ability is a great daily goal! Living a life filled with gratitude, looking for ways to grow, sharing your God given gifts and having lots of FUN along the way is definitely living an abundant life.

It's a balancing act...learning to love and appreciate yourself as you are, while at the same time striving to become all you can be.

Life is short...Live your BEST life! Balance...Empowers...Strong...Transformation

Get in touch with Mary Beth today to start on or continue your journey toward abundant health!

Mary Beth's background:

Mary Beth has a diverse background in various training programs and earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology, from the University of Northern Colorado in 1978; her Masters degree in Ministry from Creighton University in Omaha, NE in 1984. Her Master's Thesis:  "Implementing a Wellness Program on a Christian College Campus."   Mary Beth is a certified Health and Well-being coach and has received her accreditation as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. (NBC-HWC).

Testimonials about coaching with Mary Beth:

"I've been overweight for years. I've been meaning to do something about it all that time. I never quite got going until you coached me. Your encouragement and excellent direction to a wonderful approach to weight loss...and your empowering support made it easy for me to make good choices. Thanks!"    Paul (age 50) lost 35 lbs.

"I don't think I ever would have made it without the wellness coaching. You have to be ready to do it and have the mindset, and that's what Mary Beth really helped me with. A lot of weight loss is in your head, and when you have the right wellness coach, it makes it even easier."Jan (age 63) Lost 50 lbs. and cholesterol dropped 64 points

"I'd done other diets and I was successful for about three weeks. Then, on the fourth week, I'd fall off the wagon. I knew it was because of how I was thinking about it. I needed someone to help me through the thinking process. I used to think it was something I had to do perfectly, but it's more about patience and persistence. Thanks to wellness coaching, now I celebrate my successes."  Gail (age 46) lost 22lbs    

"I first started going to Mary Beth the first time she started coaching at our company.  It first started out with helping me look at exercising more and eating better.  However, it became so much more than that.  I cannot explain the respect and appreciation I have for her.  She has helped me by seeing things and life differently and taking small steps toward becoming a "better me".  She has helped me in so many more ways than fitness or eating right could ever do.  She is so much more than a "fitness" coach, she is truly a LIFE COACH.  It is also by helping me emotionally and spiritually that I've began seeing me become that better person – both at home and at work.  I was in such a better "spot" when we were able to get together, words cannot explain how or why.  I'm very excited about having her back and very much look forward to meeting with her again. Thanks for the opportunity!"   Joan  (Age 52)

"A person can not walk away from Mary Beth and not have their mood and outlook change for the better.  She has an infectious uplifting personality that warms the heart!  You can confide your biggest fears, frustrations, worries, etc. in her and have the confidence to know that it goes no further.  Mary Beth can assist you with pin pointing areas in your life that you wish to improve and she will help you get to where you want to be by offering her own suggestions but more so by utilizing YOUR suggestions. And all along the way, Mary Beth will be an accountability person for you and your efforts, offering positive encouragement always along the way."    Mark ( Age 57)
"If you are not already doing so, I highly recommend that you utilize the services of Mary Beth Helgens. You will definitely benefit from seeing her."      Gary  (Age 62)
"A time to focus on ME – get compassionate and honest feedback, advice, etc.  Mary Beth has helped ME become the BEST me! :)  LOVE HER!"    Janet (Age 38)
"Mary Beth’s compassionate, (yet straightforward) approach, coupled with a positive attitude and a passion to help others achieve their goals is a perfect combination.  She will celebrate your successes with you and motivate you to keep going.  Whether your goal is to lower your stress, exercise more, or get your finances in order, she can help you to put YOURSELF in charge of making better decisions, and offer realistic strategies to help you reach your goal. As a nation, we are bombarded with data regarding proper nutrition, exercise and other health related issues.  Mary Beth is a knowledgeable resource that you can utilize to make sense of all of this information."  Cheryl  (Age 29)
"The idea of coaching is still sinking in.  But doesn’t it make sense to be very intentional about setting a course for improvement? And then work with someone to become your best you.  It is my journey, but I can see that a guide (Mary Beth) can certainly enhance the trip!"         Jack   (Age 66)
"To me there are two very important benefits of coaching. The first is having a completely independent perspective on an issue whether it is work related or on a personal level, and having that independent perspective helps keep me centered. The second benefit is being accountable to someone for your fitness and health related goals. It’s easy to convince yourself you are too tired or something else was more important than meeting your goal. It’s not so easy when you are accountable to someone other than yourself."    Dan (Age 68)   
"I have found a coach is an unbiased confidential listener that you can use to discuss ideas, fears and concerns with. The coach will listen and then help you sift through the different possibilities and solutions so that you can pick what is right for you in any given situation."
Sarah  (Age 33)

Presentation Topics:                                                              

  • ABC’s of Empowered Living
  • Achieving RENEWAL through Reflection and Risk Taking
  • Am I Addicted to Sugar?
  • Balancing Work and Family
  • Coping with Stress
  • Finding the Balance between "Rusting Out" and "Burning Out"
  • You may ask, “Why Exercise?”
  • Taking Stock to Get Unstuck
  • Getting the Gumption to Chase Big Dreams
  • Designing your BEST Life
  • Renew your Commitment to Better Health
  • The Healing Power of Laughter
  • Humor in the Workplace
  • Time Management: “Managing time doesn’t manage you.”
  • Work and Family…it’s a Balancing Act!
  • Workplace Spirituality

Lifelong Health Series: 8 Weeks to Wellness

  1. Developing a Healthy Lifestyle
  2. Becoming more Physically Active
  3. Choosing Healthy Fats
  4. Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates 
  5. Achieving/Maintaining a Healthy weight
  6. Enhancing the Mind-Body Connection
  7. Coping with Stress
  8. Preventive Health Checks

Mary Beth's Resume:

2013-2023  Corporate Wellness Coach at Benchmark, Inc.

2019-2021 Kepros Physical Therapy/Next Step Program: Provided a comprehensive Health and Well-being program to community and to New Leader Manufacturing, Inc.

2019  National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)   ID A-3045356

2016-2019  Certified IdealWeight Coach: 8 week Group Coaching Program / In Person and Online  Mary Beth has partnered with over 50 men and women who have released close to 600 pounds. 

2010-2013  Co-Owner of Sisters Health Club, Cedar Rapids, IA. Mary Beth and her daughter, Kylie oversaw the running of this all women's health club. The club had between 250-300 women who were club members and/or participated in a variety of classes. Sold the club to pursue passion of a coaching practice.

2007  Certified WellCoach through Wellcoaches    Cert. #040040

2005-2010  Mercy Medical Center; Corporate Wellness

  • Corporate Wellness Coach and Corporate Outreach Services
  • Implemented Corporate Bio-Metric testing and assessments and follow up health coaching 
  • Education and lecture series presenter.

1998-2004  Middle & High School Religious Educator

2003-2004 Youth Minister at All Saints Parish

1996-1997 Contract Position, Mercy Medical Center. Facilitated  series for hospital employees entitled, "Renew your Spirit-Stay Healthy."

1984-1992 Mercy Medical Center

  • Facilitated and taught weight management program, The Leaner Weigh
  • Speakers Bureau presenter on numerous health and wellness topics
  • 8 week workshop presenter, "8 weeks to Wellness" and "8 Weeks to Weight Management" 
  •  Exercise Instuctor.

1982-1984  University Chaplain, Creighton University

  • Residence Hall Chaplain
  • Director of Community Services
  • University Wellness Director

1984-2023 Volunteer Experience: Church

  • High School Religious education teacher (14 years).
  • Renew Group leader ( 35 years).
  • MOMS: Ministry of Mothers Sharing (5 years).
  • Marriage preparation for engaged couples (2 years).
  • Befriender: Visits hospitalized and home bound (3 years).
  • Lector and Eucharistic Minister (35 years)

1984-2013 Volunteer Experience: Community

  • American Cancer Society Board Member (5 years)
  • Hospice trained: Bereavement Follow-up 
  • ACS Committee Member: responsibilities include marketing, promoting and executing major fundraising gala (20 years).


Three Month Program Includes:

  • Well-being assessment  
  • Initial 60 minute wellness coaching planning session 
  • 8 coaching sessions (30 minute sessions)  
  • Investment: $600.00  (Value $750)

Ala Carte: 

  • $100 Well-being assessment
  • $130.00 for an annual 60 minute wellness planning session
  • $65.00 for 30 minute sessions (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly.)

Speaking Engagements:

Price to be determined per request