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KayLa Allen
Phone: 3462490500
Email: drkayla@drkaylanallen.com

*Dr. KayLa (DHA candidate) offers health and well-being coaching services, motivational/transformational speaking, and executive development in the areas of life after domestic violence (Divorcing Domestic Violence), identity (Dear Mixed Girl, What is Your Identity), navigating through next-level educational journeys (Success Coaching), finding triumph in leading a life on your own terms (When All You’ve Got Is You), and through Executive Development and Coaching for Healthcare Leaders/Healthcare Systems in individual and group formats.

Coaching for change and transformational coaching can set you apart from your counterparts, generate lasting shifts in your life, and generate positive psychological and physical changes. Being paired with the right life coach or health and well-being coach is essential for your growth and how you will design your destiny. As a transformational coach, KayLa works with individuals that are prepared to evolve and transform their lives. If any of this speaks to you, *Dr. KayLa’s coaching programs will fit your needs and help you to become the next and best version of yourself starting today. 

Learn more about her coaching services by visiting: https://drkaylanallen.com/services/

KayLa N. Allen, MPH, CHWC is a doctoral candidate (Doctor of Health Administration- DHA). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in the sciences and a minor in Psychology. She also holds a Master's degree in Public Health and Post-Master's Certificate in Epidemiology.

KayLa is a Certified Health and Well-being Coach through Wellcoaches.

She has years of research experience both in educational/scholarly and practical/work settings. She also has years of upper-level leadership experience in the public health field and over a decade of experience in the healthcare field.

KayLa is a Global Goodwill Ambassador, member of ACHE, ALPFA, NOW, NALHE, APHA, and an executive member of The NSLS.

You can find out more about her services, background, and her work at https://drkaylanallen.com/