About Coaching  
Dayna Elfont, DO, CPC
Phone: 248.302.1685

Live Well...Be Well...Stay Well...

Coaching you to a higher level of wellness….

You understand that being a master of your wellness – your fitness, weight, eating habits, stress, and health – is the key to your long-term health and maintaining an optimal energy level and peak performance at home and work.

Yet, you face real challenges… making it tough to improve your health and wellness…and your level of wellness is holding you back.

Health and Wellness Coaching is your solution.

Working with a coach will…

  • Help you create a wellness vision, aligning what’s most important to you with your wellness goals, while finding strategies to deal with your unique challenges.
  • Coach you to eat better, manage your weight, manage stress, manage cardiovascular risk, cope with chronic illness, and/or become more physically active.
  • Help you make long-lasting changes, through telephone coaching sessions and a private website with everything you need to reach your goals, including the latest wellness information and tools.

We'll work together to help you set, prioritize, and acheive your individualized health and wellness goals!

My philosophy is that there are many paths to your goals. The important thing is not which path you travel, but that you get moving and find happiness and satisfaction along the way.

After a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis forced me to ‘medically retire’ from my career as a Family Medicine Physician, I went on to train and become certified through Wellcoaches® School of Coaching and the American College of Sports Medicine, as a Professional Health and Wellness Coach. My experiences, skills, and education make coaching a natural extension of my career as a physician. As a family practitioner, I used coaching on a daily basis as a tool to help patients implement change and lead healthier lives. My unique approach to coaching balances honesty and pragmatism with understanding, compassion, and encouragement.

For just over six years, I worked for a large corporate health coaching company, first as a Health Coach in all areas of wellness, and then as their Clinical Consultant, helping to develop their weight management and pre-bariatric lifestyle management programs and train other coaches. I currently work with private coaching clients to assist them in reaching their health and wellness goals. I have a particular interest in weight management coaching, as I struggled with my own weight as a teenager and young adult, and have since coached many clients around this issue and continue to pursue opportunities to learn more about obesity and overweight issues. As an adjunct clinical faculty member at the med school from which I graduated, I am involved in their Academy of Lifestyle Medicine, teaching medical students about health coaching practices and principles.

I live in the Detroit area, with my husband, eight-year old son, eleven-year old daughter, and pooch. My interests include cooking, travel, surfing (the internet), my family, reading, taking walks with my pup, and Yoga.

Getting started is easy! Most of the coaching is telephonic with some emailing thrown in for good measure. An introductory consultation is free, so why not give it a try? For more information or to set up an initial session, send me an email today!

Hopefully, you will realize the benefits of coaching and will decide to schedule a comprehensive initial coaching session (fees for coaching with me are listed below). If you choose to continue, you will be asked to complete a coaching waiver and health and wellbeing assesment, before we meet again. This first coaching session will be about 60-90 minutes long. Each subsequent session will last about 30-45 minutes. I recommend committing to at least three months of coaching, in order to truly experience the benefits. This is an appropriate time-frame in which to start, learn, and possibly maintain new healthy behaviors.

Coaching Fees: Initial Session - $50, First Follow-up Session - $35, Subsequent Follow-up Sessions - $25. (Discounted three and six month coaching packages also available.)

Anything discussed during your sessions is completely confidential. I abide by the code of ethics created by the International Coach Federation, which can be viewed at