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Apple Grubbs
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What is Wellness Coaching?

Professional coaches have long been recognized for their skills in helping athletes and executives perform at their best. Now professional wellness coaches are helping people reach their best health and well-being.

Wellness coaches are trained to help clients develop and implement personal wellness plans by:

  • accepting and meeting us where we are today
  • asking us to take charge
  • guiding us in doing the mindful thinking and doing work that builds confidence
  • helping us define a higher purpose for wellness and uncover our natural impulse to be well
  • helping us tap into our innate fighting spirit
  • addressing mental and physical health together
  • helping us draw a personal wellness blueprint
  • helping us set realistic goals; small victories lay the foundation for self-efficacy
  • harnessing the strengths we need to overcome our obstacles
  • helping us view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow
  • helping us build a support team

Wellness coaches are practitioners and life-long students of coaching psychology, a field focused on the scientific study of happiness and well-being.

Great coaches have several skills you will notice early. They are great listeners and enjoy your stories. They foster self-acceptance and self-respect. They arouse, engage, energize, and challenge you to reach higher at the right moment. They have a bird dog's ability to sniff out your strengths, values, and desires. They are playful when appropriate. They take risks and ask courageous questions. They don't rescue you from emotional muck - sometimes you need to sit in it for a bit to energize your desire to change. They know that your life is at stake if you don't take care of yourself. And they know how to celebrate your successes.

Apple Grubbs; Certified Health and Wellness Coach; Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach; Certified Personal Trainer; BSN Bastyr Univeristy.

Welcome to my coaching site.  I am excited to get to know you and work one on one with you.    A little about me I have been working along side my husband for over 20 years as a exercise and nuturition coach. We have two daughters (16 and 21), three dogs, and one guinnea pig.  I have found in my own health and wellness journey that life can throw you punches and it is easy to get bogged down in all the things we can not do, my goal is to help you find out what you CAN do.  


To get started send me a message.  I will get you set up with an assessment and schedule a time to meet.  Sessions can be performed in person or via the phone.   If you want to meet in person I am available for in person sessions both in Issaquah or Kirkland.  

  • The first step is for you to provide background information through various assessments, so that we are both well-informed on the key issues, including medical considerations, as appropriate.   
  • Once the assessments are finalized the first coaching session will be scheduled.  This will be a 60–90-minute coaching session, you will identify your priorities and we will develop a personal wellness plan including a vision, three-month goals and the first steps. 
  • Following the first session there will be subsequent 30–40-minute coaching sessions, each week, month, or quarter, we will review the progress toward your vision and goals, explore and resolve the most pressing issues, learn something new, and then agree on a set of goals for the following week. You will enjoy plenty of ah-hah insights along the way.




I am available for a 30 minute free constultation to discuss what coaching is and how I can help you.

The startup assessments are free of charge.

  • $300- Initial session and 3 follow up sessions.
  • $200-  Four follow up sessions.
  • $75- Individual sessions.

Payment accepted via credit card, check, and cash.