About Coaching  
Millie Elia
Phone: 914-455-1165

 I have gone from a conventionally practicing Nurse Practitioner working with patients with cancer in clinics and hospitals - to now working along side them in the community as a Health Educator, certified Wellness coach and Advocacy consultant. I partner with them to reach their goals and help them to navigate the healthcare system, while providing specialized resources along the way .

I received my MA from NYU and have worked as a Nurse Practitioner since 2001. I worked in oncology at several institutions including most recently Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center . I have strong interests in preventative healthcare, and in the role of food and lifestyle modifications in prevention of diseases and self-management of symptoms. I received my Wellness Coaching certification from Wellcoaches, which is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine. 

Health Education

With over 20yrs extensive experience in the medical profession I'm pleased to offer my service as a community Health Educator in the  area of public speaking .


I will partner with you to reach your personal wellness goals, by helping you clarify your vision for yourself, define your challenges and then help you come up with strategies that break them down and allow you to succeed by taking small manageable steps.

Your goals may include things like learning more about the best nourishment for your body before or after cancer, or to help during treatment when eating may be difficult due to symptoms. Perhaps your interested in making lifestyle modifications that can reduce your risk factors for disease or improve your quality of life anywhere along the cancer spectrum. Whatever your goals, coaching can leave you feeling empowered to meet your challenges head on and to live your best life possible.


Coaching sessions customized to meet your needs.

Our sessions take place via telephone or video conferrance.

1 to 1 coaching sessions are offered as:

Step 1 — Complimentary 20min consultation ( When making initial complimentary appointments via email please do not include sensitive medical information at that time)

Step 2 — The first full session is a time for evaluation and planning, lasting approximately 60-90 minutes

Step 3 — The following sessions last 30-45 minutes and may be scheduled weekly/bi-monthly/monthly to fit your needs, with email support as needed between sessions for simple inquires.

Group coaching available on specified topics both in person locally and via video conferrancing .

Advocacy consultant

Who needs a Cancer Care Advocate ? Anyone on the cancer spectrum from the newly diagnosed ,through survivorship ,or in palliative care can benefit from an advocate. An advocate can offer you the support to take charge of the direction of your care in what can be an overwhelming medical environment. You will find me to be that supportive presence throughout your journey who can help you arrive at difficult decisions that truly resonate with your personal goals of care. You can entrust me to provide specialized knowledge to help you forge better communication between you and your healthcare team, help guide you on what to expect and plan for during treatment , survivorship or palliative care. I can as well provide you with additional information on therapies and resources you may need to help you navigate the cancer maze. 

I will also coordinate community resources local to you as requested.

As an added conceirge type service,  I offer to attend MD visit's with you for additional support (Local to Westchester County , NY only ).