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Why Wellness Coaching?

Rooted in science and positive psychology, wellness coaching is a proven, powerful approach to lasting change. Having a coach can help you move to a new place in your life, especially when you have decided to fully commit to making significant changes in one or more areas of your life. Wellness coaching is a HOLISTIC approach to change, harnessing and directing the full power of all of you--mind, body, emotion and spirit--toward the life you desire.

Why WellCoaches?

Wellcoaches is the world leader in wellness coaching! Wellcoaches starts with the power of coaching. Then by using web-based technologies to deliver high quality, standardized wellness coaching programs, we make the coach-client relationship the best experience possible. 


Whole-being well-being whiz, Liz Garrett, MA, CHWC, is shifting lives with creative, reality-based programs that work on all levels–mind, body and spirit–for deep and lasting change.

Wellness is more than fitness. You deserve a life you love, a body you trust, thoughts that delight you, and a spiritual connection that inspires you. Let's talk about how I can help you define clear goals and move step-by-step toward the life you dream of!

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“Science is my first love.  After completing a degree in Biology, I worked in environmental engineering.  Because I was a geek-who-could-speak (using skills I learned as a waitress, thank you very much), I gradually advanced in the area of marketing engineering services.  While I was successful by most measures, there was a nagging yearning to do something more artistic or spiritual.  I ignored that inner voice until, at age 35, a series of crises landed me in full-bore burnout.  I was humbled to be starting again from scratch.  This time I followed my heart and earned a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology (that’s the spiritual psychology).  This brought it all together for me!  It explained what I already instinctively knew:  science and spirituality are on one continuum; they are the same thing!  I was “home” in a way I had never imagined possible.  Now I wake up every morning, eager to get out into the world and share my message of empowerment:  health, wealth and happiness are yours to claim!  I can’t wait to help you.”

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Imagine yourself 3 months from today: closer to your dreams, living life more fully, achieving your goals, experiencing more grace and ease along the way. Here are the steps to get you there:

1) Complimentary Discovery Session - a free, no-risk, 30-minute coaching conversation to discover if we are a good fit. $0

2) 90-minute "Kickstarter" Session - We go deep to identify your personal priorities and develop a personal wellness plan including a vision, three-month goal, and the first week's goals. You can take it from here, or continue Liz's support and accountability with ongoing coaching. $147

3) 12 Week Habit Cruncher - 12 consecutive 30-minute coaching calls to review your progress and set new weekly goals. Research shows that 3 months of consistent focus and accountability locks a new behavior into a habit. Let's do it! $627

You'll be somewhere in 3 months, why not be closer to your goals? Coach Liz can help you get there. 

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